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St Mary in the Castle

St Mary in the Castle is undoubtedly the most beautiful venue in Hastings.

But what exactly is St Mary's?  We are not a church, we are not a castle, and we are not located in the Castle which sits on the cliff behind us.  St Mary's was a church, but now we are an amazing venue devoted to arts and culture.  We have an auditorium, a crypt gallery, a meeting room, and an intimate baptistry bar, all of which could be used for a range of events, all are available to hire now. Contact us for information and date queries.

Located halfway between the Old and the New Town, this beautiful venue is ready and willing to become the focus of cultural life in Hastings.  This is an ambitious aspiration, but one which we believe is possible because of its location, because of its versatility, because of its potential, and because of the enthusiasm we have and have met with for the future of St Mary's.

In the 1980's, St Mary's was on the brink of collapse after years of neglect.  It was only through the fantastic effort of Hastings Borough Council, English Heritage, and the Friends of St Mary in the Castle that St Mary's was lovingly and carefully restored and is safe, beautiful and available for us today.

Our motto is “In Hastings, For Hastings, By Hastings”. So come on, St M's is there for you to use, get involved and together we can breathe new life into this fantastic building.

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