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A great night of stand up comedy coming to St Mary in the Castle - Hastings!

Three great comedians and a compare!

Windsor is one of the finest comperes on the UK comedy circuit today. With a warming natural charm Windsor has the ability to tame the biggest and most challenging of audiences. From a background in street performing, he has the power to keep the show or event running at an unprecedented high level with his skilful crowd control. His material is a mix of storytelling and killer one liners and has performed in the biggest and smallest of venues. From Glastonbury to a 30 seater Village Hall, a night in Windsors Company is definitely not one to be missed.

Ria Lina
Winner of the EMMA Award for Best Comedienne 2003, Ria Lina has made an impact with her dry wit and ukulele. She has been a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit for the past six years, having in that time performed at such venues as Jongleurs, the Comedy Caf ᄅ, and the Comedy Store. She also participated in a benefit for Breakthrough Breastcancer at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane alongside the likes of Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, and Al Murray. Her most recent project has been a comedy sketch show for ITV2 (Meet the Blogs, 2007).

In the past, Ria has written and presented her own documentary for Channel 4 that looked at revealing the truth behind many of the myths that surround oriental women in Britain today. Her other projects include the filming of the comedy series, Malai Monologues, for BBC 3; and The World Stands Up, for Comedy Central (USA), the Paramount Comedy Channel (UK), and the Comedy Network Channel (AUS); and Sweet n' Sour Comedy Sketch Show for BBC3. Ria Lina trained as an actress, singer and dancer before deciding to try her hand at stand-up comedy.

Geoff Boyz
Geoff has performed in numerous countries all over the world, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and was one of the first comedians to perform in China. He has worked in TV for both warm up and stand up including DEAD RINGERS, THIS MORNING and LIVE AT THE COMEDY STORE, radio such as THE LIVE STAND UP SHOW and COLIN (BBC Radio 2) and theatre with his own shows such as WHY? And NOISES AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Geoff continues to be in demand on the corporate circuit, he performed at the Scottish Sports Personality of the Year Awards and recently wrote and performed in a corporate film for Atkins Technology.

BBC - Dead Ringers | BBC - This Morning | - Live at the Comedy Store

Dave Fulton
Whoever it was who decided that Americans don't have any sense of irony, they forgot to tell Dave Fulton. This why Seattle wag is positively brimming over with ironic invective. He even fronted an amusing and perceptive report - for Newsnight, no less - begging Brits to celebrate their own heritage, rather than aping American pop culture.

Yet you'd never know from the look of him. With his stringy beard, straggly long hair and rock 'n' roll black leather jacket, Fulton looks more like a refugee from a defunct British heavy metal band than an all-American stand-up... there's a salty flavour to his live club set that you'd scarcely describe as feminist. It's these contradictions that make Fulton so fascinating, and fun to watch, especially when he's riffing with British punters half a world away from home.

Unlike every second comic you hear about these days, he's actually not Australian But you'd know that as soon as he opened his mouth. An opinionated, long scraggy-haired guy from Seattle is a more accurate description of him.

Dave Fulton is easy-going, ironic and liberal, However that relaxed attitude is under threat once he gets his teeth into a subject that really winds him up, prompting one of his more ardent rants. But despite the passion beneath, he always maintains a demeanour of careful, relaxed control, perhaps aware that it's often the people who can temper their rage who are the most dangerous.

What the press say:

''Whiplash delivery and relentless pace'' - The List

''Compelling... a real breath of fresh air'' - The Independent