A twisted, dark story of rejection, religion, lust and death. In collaboration with Hastings Philharmonic. Co- produced by The Cockpit in partnership with St Mary In The Castle

 'An interesting amalgam of styles, from some excellent dancers.'  The Evening Standard

A rich and sensual dance theatre experience with live music and original score by Phillip O'Meara.  Based on Oscar Wilde's Salome, the company of six take you on an extraordinary and dark journey where music, contemporary dance and latin ballroom bring to life the characters and themes of Wilde’s tragedy.

EDIFICE is co-directed by choreographer- dancer duo Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn.  Together they have developed a hybrid language for choreography that combines the speed, passion and connection of ballroom, with the fluidity, freedom and connection of contemporary dance

'Inventive dance theatre, with incredible talent.’  Audience Member


Artistic Direction and Choreography by: EDIFICE Dance Theatre, Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn

Producer: Beth Cinamon

Co-produced by: The Cockpit Theatre and director Dave Wybrow

In partnership with: Hastings Philharmonic - directed and conducted by Marcio Da Silva, and St Mary In The Castle

Composed by: Phillip O’Meara

Performers (dancers): Carmine De Amicis, Fabio Dolce, Harriet Waghorn

Performers (musicians): Hastings Philharmonic

Light Design/Production Manager: Pete Maxey

This production is made under the Cockpit Theatre Maker label:  TM is a theatre making community using classes, rehearsal space and showcase opportunities. For info see www.thecockpit.org.uk/theatremaker.

 £16.00 / £14.00 (Balcony)

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