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THIS year marks 100 years of women's right to vote, a seminal moment in British democracy which saw the start of women's voices being heard on topics which affected them. However, the voices of all women weren't always heard, and their faces not always seen. The legacy of the suffragette movement to the emancipation of women and voting rights is well documented, if not widely known about.

The uncomfortable truth behind the suffragette movement is the exclusion of women of colour within it - something which still echoes today as discussions around white feminism versus black feminism remains a hot topic on social media platforms and various think pieces, alongside the ever-evolving debate about intersectional feminism.

The participation of women of colour in the movement itself is there but hidden. Figures such as Sophia Duleep Singh and Bhikaiji Cama were prominent in Suffrage movement but hardly feature in popular discourse. The arrival of post war Commonwealth communities and the rise of women to achieve positions of power is also much neglected. Voice4change as part of this year’s activities will seek to organise with our partners a series of regional panel discussions and debates on legacy.

Voice4change England and Respond3.0, would like to invite people to join our panel discussion on the subject, on the Friday 6th July at St Mary in the Castle. Where an all-female panel will look at the legacy of the women’s movement and consider how it has shaped modern thinking in BAMER communities in relation to gender rights and wider universal notions of political representation.

The event aims to not just looking at history, but wants to initiate a broader discussion on BAMER women's and their contribution to British society as a whole.